Your Hired! New Trends in Job Hunting

Employers are now hiring some candidates after just one phone interview. While this may not seem the norm, if you are a job hunter in today’s market then I have one piece of advice, ‘Answer the phone.’ 2019 introduced the tightest job market since the early 70s, with qualified candidates being hired sight unseen. 

Is this a Real Job Interview Process?

In today’s world management candidates and consultants work with many clients they have never met. Being offered a job without meeting management shouldn’t phase todays manager candidates. 

With everything there is the chance of being scammed. Yes, you do not need to meet the hiring professionals for multiple interviews, but you don’t get to meet them. You do not get a feel for the attitude and management style of the company. 

Some companies hire on a trial basis, or the company offers a conditional job offer. This is becoming more common in IT jobs, teaching jobs, restaurant manager jobs and hospitality jobs. While it is very common in Retail, this is the only industry likely to hire front staff ‘sight unseen’. The other industries have a long history of hiring without meeting the candidate. 

Recruitment and Recruiters

Recruiters have known for decades that time kills the deal. A faster hiring process is good for recruitment firms. 

The hospitality industry has been hiring qualified management candidates for two decades using recruiters. The Recruiter vets the management candidates. Once they have a list of qualified candidates they contact the client and let them take over. But if the candidate has to travel long distances they may not meet until a few days before the employment date.

USA Hiring

The USA Labor Department reports that around one million more job openings than unemployed at the end of September 2019. The unemployment rate is at a 49-year low of 3.7%. This makes it a candidates market. 

Many employers and HR departments are afraid of letting the management candidates have the opportunity to pitch for the best offer. They want to secure them before they are poached by the competition. 

Automated Job Interview

Some job hunters from front line retail to general managers are now finding the first phone interview is automated. The company will ask for a phone interview, but when they answer the phone they are met by an automated voice asking a series of questions. Employers claim this speeds up the hiring process. 

Management candidates are not as comfortable with the process. It eliminates their opportunity to ask the job interview team questions about the company. They also lose the face to face opportunity to measure the company’s management system and the way they handle people. 

On the other side, employers are unable to determine how an employee interacts with colleagues and customers. However, HR has long believed that the multiple job interview method is over rated, a waste of the company’s resources, and leaves job positions vacant. 

Job Hunters Market

The job market has changed over the last few decades. It has moved from the local newspaper and networking to online job websites and recruitment firms. It has moved from job interviews where the candidate was ‘on trial’ to a two-way interview where the employee chose whether to continue the hiring process or terminate the job interview.