Why Choose Neon?

Have you been considering neon signs for your business? These advertising solutions have been popular for over a century for a good reason. Classic yet modern, neon signs offer an energy efficient and flexible choice for any company. Here are seven reasons to think about getting a neon sign for your business.

Highly Visible

Neon signs are lit from within and can be seen clearly from up to 500 feet away. Compare this to a traditional sign that needs to be lit with exterior lights for nighttime visibility. Bright neon signs stand out even in crowded spaces like busy city streets. They also are clearly seen in low light situations like fog, snow, or rain.

Cost Effective

Neon is energy efficient when compared to other lighting options. These signs have a long lifespan, greatly outlasting traditional styles of lightbulbs. Neon signs also are affordable to keep lit. They typically use less than half the energy of a traditional light and cost about 20 cents a day to operate.


If a neon sign is cared for correctly, it can last a lifetime. Its transformer will give you up to a decade of service. This transformer can then be replaced. You can extend the lifespan of the transformer by using a timer that activates the sign only at night or during business hours.


Neon signs run much cooler than traditional lighting. This makes them a good choice for busy or crowded areas. They’re made of sturdy, break-resistant glass. Signs intended for outdoor use come with a protective housing, meaning that they are unlikely to short out.


With the right lettering and images, a neon sign can look like charming Americana or modern and edgy. This means that neon signs can be the right fit for many businesses. They can be custom built directly into a wall. Alternatively, you can get a premade unit that can be moved around as needed.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike a lit up sign that will make you constantly replace burnt out bulbs, neon signs are low maintenance. You’ll typically only need to gently dust or clean. However, if the sign is going to be used outdoors, make sure you get one with the right protective housing.


Neon signs are more affordable than you may think. While it’s true that big custom pieces with multiple moving elements are an investment, smaller premade signs can also pack a punch. If you want to try out neon to see its effect on your business, consider getting an overstock or liquidation sign. These premade cheap neon signs advertise a wide variety of popular services, covering everything from your business type to your store’s open hours.