Where a Degree in Tourism Can Take You

Do you have a love for travel? A passion for discovering new places? If so, then consider studying a degree in tourism which will give you the keys that you need to launch a career in this incredibly exciting industry. Individuals who choose to study a tourism course have a massive range of opportunities in front of them and today we are going to investigate just how far a degree in tourism could take you.

Travel Around the World

The most obvious option for those who have studied travel and tourism is that you are able to take on a host of other job roles in other countries around the world, working in the heart of their tourism industry. Not only this but in many cases careers in the travel and tourism industry include travel as part of the role itself. Allowing individuals to experience a wide range of different cultures, languages, traditions and people from various countries while paying little to no money at all or, in many cases, actually getting paid to travel.

Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is an exciting place to work in and with a tourism degree, many applicants can easily get into the hotel industry. The needs of tourists are constantly changing, and hotels must do all that they can to keep up with these trends, fill their rooms up and ensure that they are providing the height of excellence to their guests. Working in this industry will not only allow for you to use your knowledge from your degree, but also gain a host of other transferable skills around administration, customer service & hospitality. Especially when working for a high-end hotel group there is also the possibility to work in different locations around the world, as well as growth opportunities within the group itself, from moving into a more background role or into higher management.

Travel Agencies

The traditional high street travel agency may very well be outdated, but many consumers now more than ever are eager for holidays to be planned/organised by others. Using your degree in tourism you could find yourself working as a holiday broker or a tour operator, helping people to plan and organise their vacations. This position will not only allow for you to grow within the business, but in many cases will also allow you to grow your professional network as you frequently work with a number of hotels and airlines to secure great deals for your clients.


If you have dreams of opening your own business within the tourist sector, then a tourism degree cannot only provide you information on the industry itself, but it can also give you background on many business aspects of the industry. Whether you want to open a hotel or launch a travel and tourism company, a tourism degree will equip you with the skills, tools and know-how to make your business a reality.

Studying a degree in travel and tourism, will prepare you to showcase your knowledge in a wide range of career opportunities as well as take you all around the world. Don’t miss out, apply today!