What You Need to Know to Choose an Iron Front Door

An iron front door is a beautiful asset to any home. These doors have been popular for many decades for a good reason: they add instant sophistication and style to any space. Iron doors are also surprisingly versatile, with a wide range of different designs and features to chose from. Here are five things to consider when picking the right iron front door for your home:

The Shape

A traditional rectangular door works in most spaces. However, doors with a curved or rounded top can create a very bold and unusual effect. These styles work especially well with double doors where each side makes up half of the curve. This look can also be enhanced with a decorative iron arch that frames the door on all sides.

The Size

You have two choices for the size: standard dimensions or a customized piece. Standard sizes can be bought premade and will fit into most entryways. However, some projects need a specialty piece that’s large, smaller, or differently proportioned than standard. In this case, you should look into custom iron front doors. These can be made to your specifications, assuring you’ll get the perfect fit.

Swing Direction, Handles, and Hardware

Think about the space where the door will be placed. Do you want the door to swing outside or inside? Choose a style for the handles and hardware that compliment the rest of the door. Bright and shiny colors like brass can make a striking contrast with dark ironwork. Don’t forget to think about additional security features like peepholes, deadbolts, or a security bar.

Glass and Color

Many styles of iron doors incorporate glass into their design. Frosted glass works especially well because it maintains privacy but still lets the light in which will highlight the ironwork. Iron doors are also available in a range of shades. Black is very popular and lends well to a timeless look. Aged copper and pewter colors can look very modern when paired with a crisp, geometric layout.

The Pattern

One of the best features of iron doors is their versatility. You can choose nearly any style that you want to complement your decorating scheme. Bars and scrolling patterns will work with most spaces, or you can get creative with edgy geometric shapes or unusual elements like palm leaves.

Exclusive Iron Doors

Iron front doorsneed to be both functional and dramatic statement pieces. They keep your home secure and set the tone for what guests will see inside. At Exclusive Iron Doors, we carry a broad variety of premade models for you to choose from.  We’ll also be happy to create custom pieces on request.