What Leads to an Employee Being Unproductive at Work in 2021?

In 2021, remote work or work from home has become the norm. We can see most people performing their assigned tasks within the confines of their homes. But, how effectively are they carrying out their work?

Employee Work Productivity

Working from home means that there is no supervision from higher-ups. Additionally, the employees enjoy the comforts of their houses, unlike the stiff conventional office space. However, is this boosting employee motivation and productivity?

Before moving on to that, let us see what the term means.

Employee productivity refers to the optimum level of work efficiency and output delivered by an employee. The number of goals achieved and targets reached signify it.

How to Identify an Unproductive Employee?

In an online setting, it is arduous to determine which employee is working ineffectively. Nevertheless, on looking closely, one will find a few such workers. They will bring about a diminishing effect on the overall team productivity, morale, and achievements. They would serve to be a potential danger to the team management and balance.

The following are four signs to distinguish unproductive employees:

  1. Apathetic Attitude:

Lack of motivation is a principal indication of an unproductive employee. Such a worker will put on a dispassionate attitude, showing no joy at having a task done. They will remain uncommitted to the allocated job, sometimes even delivering a below-standard output.

All these show that the employee is concerned about their company’s growth. Since productivity results from deliberate efforts and hard work, they cannot offer it.

  1. Evasion from work:

Individuals who are against taking initiatives can never be productive. If they are unproductive, they can barely get things done by themselves, even under strict supervision.

As such, these types of employees always try to evade getting a job assigned to them or try to delegate it to others. They form a dependency on other team members to complete their work and meet deadlines.

  1. Excuses and Complaints:

Since unproductive employees want a comfortable and easy corporate life, they would never try to get out of their comfort zones to deliver good work. Thus, they will always have some excuses to justify their substandard job.

However, this does not pose a problem initially. It starts being an issue when these workers only keep complaining and not doing their tasks productively.

  1. Stagnancy:

The most evident indication of unproductive employees is that they will never try to learn and grow. They will never seek to improve themselves and will only stick to their conventional tasks. They would also be unresponsive during both tactical and team-building meetings.

To increase employee work productivity, the companies can organize occasional motivational webinars. They can use computer monitoring software to monitor and manage their work output.