Tips for Choosing Commercial Patio Enclosures

The right patio enclosure can transform the area around your business into a functional and attractive space. It will feel welcoming and customers can go there to relax. Patio enclosures can make the property safer by helping with allergy season and will allow you to keep bugs and pests out. When choosing commercial patio enclosures, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to fully enhance the space.

Area You Are Enclosing: Knowing what type of area you are enclosing is helpful. Is it a patio, an outdoor seating area, a deck pavilion, or a garden room? The room you want to enclose and how you want to use that room for your business can determine the right type of patio enclosures or sun shades that can be offered.

Type of Experience You Want with the Space: A patio enclosure can create the perfect place to add into your business, but it can also be used to preserve outdoor seating spaces for times when the weather isn’t cooperating right. Sun shades can help block the sunlight from getting into customers’ eyes and will protect any merchandise that is on the patio from feeling the effects of prolonged sun exposure. You still want guests to enjoy the view but don’t want them to feel boxed in. When you know the goals for the space you want to enclose, then it becomes easier to have a custom design that achieves those goals. Be sure to discuss any goals you have during the consultation process, in order to get the best results on your patio enclosure.

Type of Protection: There are different types of commercial patio enclosures that offer differing amounts of protection. Climate control products can provide an air tight seal to keep out any elements, which allows you to heat or cool the space as you want. If you are concerned about the sun’s light and heat, then there are shades and blinds available to cut down on those while still giving you control over the lighting and comfort.

Type of Material: There are different materials to choose from as well. You can choose a clear vinyl enclosure that will provide invisible protection, or choose a color of shade of vinyl that will complement the design of your business. For a commercial building, you want a tough material that will stand up to the elements, but still looks great for your business.

Ask about Warranties: Ask if there are any guarantees against workmanship problems or defective materials. A reputable contractor can tell you if they are going to guarantee the work, how long the guarantee lasts for, and what the process if you do have an issue.