Study at the best institues in this era of globalization

Today’s era is known as the era of globalization. And in this era of globalization you need to attain the highest possible educational degree and that too from a world class and reputed University to move through the current turbulent times. Now if you are from a third world country then most of the times to attain higher degrees one need to move out of his own country to a new one. As per current treends most of the countries have been strengthening their immigration policies to stop the outsourcing problems. However, one of the best education hub that us Thailand is still open for students for higher studies. Fir those who do not know the education system of Thailand, it is sufficient to know that Thailand has 12 of the top universities in the world as per times best universities ranking of the current year.

Crack the SAT exam and get into the top Universities

But it is not possible to get into a top University of Thailand without actually passing an entrance exam which is called Scholastic aptitude test aka SAT. This SAT exam is divided into two phases one is to test the reasoning and aptitude skills and the other one is to test the knowledge of the subject on which you are interested to attain higher degrees. Though it is not a very tough exam, without proper tutoring and mentoring, it becomes one if the toughest exam. There are only a few online platforms that provide SAT exam tutoring (ติว สอบ Sat, which is the term in Thai). But if you do some research you will come to know that only Interpass gives the required mentoring to pass the Stats. At Interpass you will get video lectures and specialized subject teachers to take you through the syllabus and in case you need personal portal for studying, they also provide you with that.

Study IELTS with Interpass and get admission into top Universities from Thailand

Apart from SAT another exam known as ielts is another key exam to get into a foreign university. This exam is a exam based on English and with it you can apply for immigration as well. This exam tests your listening, reading and writing skills in English. To  Study ielts ( เรียน ielts, which is the term in Thai)byou can also avail the all in one IELTS package by Interpass. To know more about Interpass do visit their official website.