Steps You Need for Cannabis Dispensary Software now.

It is normal in everyday life to note that customers always look for the best price when buying. It is the law of the market. However, it may happen that you and your store may be replaced by a seller who has higher prices than those offered in your department. That is, the customer took pity on the other seller and decided to give preference to him, as he treated him so well. This may be a sign that your empathy with the buyer is lacking.

What is empathy?

Have you ever felt a pain to see someone crashing? This is called empathy. It is the feeling we have when we put ourselves in another’s shoes, be it sadness or happiness. While it may seem a bit “dramatic,” empathizing with your customer is critical when selling something to them. Since you are showing that you understand his problem and are doing something to help him by becoming friends in his head. Think about how you wanted to be treated in a similar situation. Remember that for others, you are also a customer. Regarding the Dispensary POS Software usage in this matter you need to be essential now.

Ways You Can Express Empathy

Now that you know you need to be friends with your client, focus on how you will do it. It is noteworthy that each person thinks their own way, so knowing which strategy is best in each situation is something that becomes natural over time as long as you strive for it.


The first step in showing empathy is to listen to what the customer has to say. Most of the time he has a problem and needs help. Listen to him, be interested in the situation. Only after he presents the question, opine. It is unpleasant for the person to be telling the problem and the seller thinks that all problems can be solved with their product, do not do it. Be patient.

The time is now

Do you already know what the customer needs? Show yourself as a buyer too. You don’t have to lie, but show him some situation you have experienced similar to his and say that you know exactly what it is like to go through it. This is the moment the buyer stops seeing you as a seller, and realizes that you are in the same boat.

This technique is known as rapport. From this device, your opinion will be worth more to the customer. Don’t abuse it, but at this point you might even suggest another product that he’s not looking for but that you think will be helping him. At this delicate time, don’t show that you want to increase your commission, but help the customer.