Ready to Get Your Florida Driver’s Permit?

If it’s time to get your Florida drivers permit, congrats! The first step to full driving privileges is getting your Florida learner’s permit, so you’re on track to become a licensed driver! â€‹

And the good news for people aged 14½ to 18 who are learning to drive is that online study can prepares you for the whole, 50-question test. You need to correctly answer at least 40 questions on the test. If you do, you’ve passed it.

A rule under Florida law helps ensure that no test takers abuse the system even though they’re taking it in the privacy of their own homes. A parent (or a legal guardian) acts as a proctor for each person who takes the course. When the test taker finishes, the proctor signs a statement confirming two major things. First, the proctor monitored the test. Second, the proctor gave no help during test-taking. The parent or guardian will also sign a consent form for test takers under 18.

Yes, Florida’s Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course Is a Must-Take, Too.

You need to pass both the TLSAE and your learner’s test before Florida can issue you a learner’s permit.

So, how do you get the TLSAE done? Ticket School has you covered. We offer a user-friendly, totally online TLSAE course.

What Else Happens Before You’re in the Driver’s Seat?

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) gets an electronic report with your score on it (whether or not you pass). There is no course certificate to submit. Accompanied by a parent, you apply for your permit. Always check current fees in advance.

Note that you’ll be taking an actual driving test, and also have your vision and hearing tested.

When your learner’s license is issued, you can drive! At first, this means during restricted hours. Plus, a person who is licensed to drive and 21 or older must sit in the passenger seat when you’re driving.

But what if you don’t pass the learner’s test? Re-take the test. You may take it three times online. If you don’t pass on any of the three times, you’ll need to go to the DMV office to take it.

How Does the State Know Online Test-Takers Are Honest?

Many people take their Florida driver’s tests online and pass, but some are randomly picked to take it again at the DMV office. Yes, even if they passed online. This is another way Florida makes sure no test-takers take advantage of the online test system.

Ticket School’s state-approved courses are an excellent way to through the process smoothly. Register to take the Florida drivers permit test online!