Planning to Study in the UK? Read On


The UK has long been known for its excellent education opportunities, from the world leading Oxford University to the famous St Martins College of Art there are opportunities for everyone to study in the UK and receive an internationally recognised degree upon successful completion of the course. If you are coming from overseas to study in the UK, you will definitely notice a change in weather as well as experience some form of culture shock!

Depending on where you decide to study as an undergraduate in the UK (เรียน อินเตอร์ ป ตรี อังกฤษ in the Thai language), you will probably be able to meet some people of your own nationality and also get some of your favourite foods from home! The UK is truly an international country and this fact is no better represented than the diversity of cultures and languages. For example, if you are coming to the UK from Thailand you will notice an abundance of Asian supermarkets in almost every city in the country as well as independent food shops selling imported food from Thailand, Japan, Korea and China, as well as a whole host of other international retailers.  

Getting Qualified for Study in the UK

Before you actually get to the UK you may need to complete a qualification in your home country to pass the minimum language and educational requirements. There are number of accredited colleges in Thailand and throughout Asia that can help you to prepare and pass the required courses. Finding these colleges is fairly straightforward, particularly in cities such as Bangkok, and in all likelihood, you will already know someone who has attended one of these colleges or see them featured online or in educational supplements.

In the absence of any word of mouth recommendations from friends or family you will need to go and visit the college in person to see what it’s like and enrol if you like what you see. The lecturers in highly regarded colleges will be suitably qualified and speak English as a native language. They will also be happy to answer any questions you have, either about the course or life in England generally.  

Passed your Course? It’s Time to Get Ready!

Once you have completed your preparatory course and have been successfully accepted to study at the UK institution of your choice you will need to pack your bags! SIM cards are available all over the UK and will be suitable for use in any unlocked phone, we mention this first as you will no doubt want to keep in regular contact with friends and family. The next thing to remember, depending on what time of year you are going, is warm clothes. You can either buy some before you go or buy them on arrival in the UK, but please bear in mind the clothes in the UK usually come in bigger sizes!

Whatever UK city you decide to study in, you can be guaranteed of a warm welcome from the locals and a standard of education that is second to none.