Perfecting the Texts for the Best Resumes

When we think about making a Curriculum with a good design, what we want is to stand out. Among hundreds of resumes that go through human resources, we need to prevent this from being browsed in a few seconds and then go along with the pile of discarded. We cannot consent to this.

After reading this guide, your resume will go from being among a mountain of common CVs to being stored in a separate folder. The recruiter will not want to miss the opportunity to see you in an interview.

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Objectives of a Good Design for the Curriculum

Why bother to make an attractive resume?

Yes and no. Despite the fact that the most important thing is the content and, especially, everything related to work experience, this can end up going unnoticed if it is not exposed in an attractive way. Food enters through the eyes.

When creating a curriculum vitae with an attractive design, we have to achieve the following objectives:

  • Make a good first impression on the recruiter.
  • Highlight the most important data of your career.
  • Reflect who you are and how you take care of the details.
  • Content with good packaging will show your commitment to the company.

However leaving these aspects aside on your resume, you will show carelessness and lack of interest in the job offer, the company and yourself.

Therefore, attention should be paid to the following details.

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Main Focus in the Design of a Curriculum Vitae

Everything is designed, but few things are well designed. In order for a resume to look attractive at first glance you should focus on the following factors:

  • Colors.
  • Source.
  • Letter size.
  • Margins.
  • CV title.
  • Listings or Bullets.
  • Structure.
  • Ease of reading.

Colors in the CV

Color can convey many things and not everyone is worth it. With them, we can highlight or hide things from our CV, in addition to transmitting messages in a more subliminal way. We can find extensive studies that analyze color as a communicational element , depending on age, sex or the context in which they may appear.