No Complication in Finding a Job Now

Anyone who ventures into the world of work encounters this terrible paradox: one cannot find a job without a minimum of experience, but one cannot acquire experience without first having found a job. This discouraging observation, described in the textbooks, seems almost impossible to overcome. Almost. Our tips for finding a job without experience will allow you to go from zero to hero status in a very reasonable time (a job search is never fast!).


Take courses, participate in workshops, obtain certificates and diplomas, and even, if necessary, a university degree. This will allow you not only to gain knowledge for the desired job, but also to show your dedication and commitment. Bonus is that using teachers and other students is a great way to start and grow your network. You can now search by jobs available near me  and find the best solutions for the same.

Start Working (And Climbing The Steps)

Another way to gain some experience in a specific area is to work for little or no money – it doesn’t seem particularly motivating, but, well, it will open many doors for you. You will be able to do volunteer work, an internship or freelance work in order to acquire practical training. Depending on the intended career, starting or contributing to a blog can prove fruitful to display your passions and talents.

Get On The Network

Referrals or friends of your friends are a great way to find a job. To do this, you will need to develop and cultivate your network, both online and offline: be sure to mention the pursuit of a particular career – and prepare a brief plea, up-to-date CV as well as a great LinkedIn profile, of course.

Check your mailbox every day

If you are registered in a CV library or if you have set up “job” alerts, you must imperatively check your mailbox every day. All the more if you have applied for job offers the previous days. It would be a shame to miss an opportunity.

Follow up on your applications

List the recruiters to whom you have sent your application. List who answered you and whom you need to raise. The ideal is to follow up the applications in an Excel table with the dates of dispatch, the companies requested, the positions filled and the returns obtained. A regularly updated table can save you a lot of time and motivate you in your advancement.

Optimize your visibility on the web

In addition to your presence on the CV database, professional social networks like LinkedIn have become an almost indispensable means of finding a job. Remember to update your profile if you want a recruiter to notice you on the web.

Develop your professional network

Spending 100% of your day online is ineffective. Do not neglect your network, this hidden job market that could allow you to find a job. Word of mouth has often proven itself, so do not hesitate to contact your former teachers, ex-colleagues, family, friends, etc.