Mandatory Amusement Parks Order

Amusement parks shall comply with the necessary provisions of this Guideline, and all other relevant County Health Officer Policy, the Amended Risk Control Order of the County Health Officer released on October 5, 2020, applicable restrictions under State Order & Blueprint, COVID-19 Business Guidance documents of the State & any related legislation on health and safety. The most conservative law must be enforced where there is a disparity in these laws.

Locally, nationwide and internationally, the COVID-19 virus tends to spread. Current medical and scientific research suggests that when large quantities of people assemble in crowds, COVID-19 is more easily distributed, especially if they are all using high-touch equipment. Since amusement parks both draw crowds and have high-touch machines, they pose a high risk of transmission of COVID-19.

This Order explains the closing of all indoor and outdoor theme parks by the County Health Officer. This Instruction is necessary, and failure to comply with it constitutes a breach of the Order of the Health Officer released on October 5, 2020 (the ‘Order’).

Both Indoor and Outdoor Theme Parks Closure

  1. ‘Amusement Park’ concept

‘Amusement park’ applies, as used in this Directive, to a transient or permanent business facility (including a fair, carnival, theme park, or waterpark) running several amusement rides at the same place of business.

For clarification, business facilities running a specific amusement ride (such as a separate carousel, rail ride, or Ferris wheel) do not use the word ‘amusement park.’ Following the regulations in the State’s COVID-19 Industry Guidelines for Family Entertainment Centers, every business facility running a single amusement ride shall run the lift.

  1. Amusement Parks Can Not Work

As they face an unusually high risk of transmission of COVID-19, amusement parks do not function either indoors or outdoors. To conduct minimal necessary procedures (such as accounting activities or amusement park maintenance), amusement park staff can be on-site, but amusement parks must be entirely inaccessible to the public.

Note: Only if they do not function as amusement parks can business facilities with several amusement rides be available to the public. This means that any or all but one of their amusement rides would be closed. Company establishments that run two or more amusement rides are called amusement parks, as described above.

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