Make sure your child is safe in public playgrounds by following these tips


Chances are, you have spent a lot of time at public playgrounds when you were still a kid, and there, you won new friends, play with your hearts out and made your childhood very memorable, and now that you have grown up, you might want also to let your child play in a public playground, but how sure are you that it is completely safe?

Nowadays, more and more playgrounds are overseen and sometimes not taken care of properly by the parks and playgrounds services which is definitely saddening because you are well aware how playgrounds create great childhood memories for you when you were still a kid, and if you want your child to play in a public playground, you have to ensure that it does not pose any hazards to your child and the rest of the children that plays on it.

To determine if the playground is safe for the kids, here are some useful tips that you can do by checking out if it is safe enough to be played or not. Outlined below are some useful tips that you can use when you bring your child to a public playground.

  •         Check the surface of the playground- It is unavoidable that our child and other kids will fall literally when they play, they either slip or just trip their feet unknowingly and the last thing you would want is your child getting bruises or getting injured because the surface of the playground is completely concrete. The ideal surface of a playground should be at least a 12-inch thick of wood chips, mulch, pea gravel, or sand, or any filling materials that are soft enough to make the impact in case if a child falls off the playground equipment less dangerous.
  •         Check the equipment of the playground- Check if there are any hazardous hardware such as an exposed protruding bolt ends. Make sure that the spaces that could slip a child in and trap them such as openings, or in guardrails enough to squeeze in the head of a kid or in between ladder rungs are safely covered or it is enough to be measured less than three and a half inch or more than nine inches to make sure it will not fit any limbs of a child. Make sure the playground has a safe and enjoyable environment.
  •         Check if there are no sharp and pointy edges- Make sure that there are no pointed edges, objects, in the children playground equipment. Make sure that there are no tripping hazards like concrete footings that are exposed, also tree stumps, and rocks that can easily trip a child and can cause injury.
  •         Make sure the elevated ramps have guardrails- You should ensure that there nor elevated surfaces such as platforms or ramps if there are any, make sure it has guardrails to prevent the children from falling on its edge. Checking the playground regularly before you let your child play in it by checking the equipment and surfaces and see if it is in good condition will not only prevent your child from harm, but the other children playing there as well.
  •         Check if the playground follows mandatory regulations and safety precautions- There are a lot of safety precautions and reminders that local government and advocate that are always given to parents and guardians, especially the playground supervisors and administrators to those who want to use it.