Know why teaching children phonics is important

Given the kind of exposure that children get on a daily basis from the outside world, it is not surprising that they are growing up at an unprecedented rate. Whatever the condition be, it is quite important to ensure that your children grow up learning the correct things in a correct way. In such a competitive world, even the parents don’t want to lag behind with their upbringing. If you have been struggling along with something similar, the classes of Singapore phonics for children can definitely come in handy.

But, before delving into it, it is important that we know what exactly does this entail and why it is important in the first place.

What is Phonics?

Before we explain the complexities involved, it is important that we have a fair bit of idea about what this term actually entails.

Phonics is nothing but teaching children the sounds made by individual letter or letter groups and simultaneously teaching them ways to merge sounds to make words. This is the basic type of learning and is often termed as Synthetic Phonetics.

There are also two other modes of teaching children words and alphabet sounds – explicit and systematic being the primary ones in the lot.

Why is it important?

When it comes to discussing why making your children learn phonetics is important is mainly because of the fact that it helps the children decode the letters based on their individual sounds. This, in the future further helps them read unfamiliar words all by themselves.

Not just that, it has also been found to have beneficial impacts on the overall learning mechanism of the children which is yet another one of the reasons why making your children learn phonetics at an early age can be a good thing to do. It makes the letter-sound decoding process a lot easier.

Does it really improve reading?

In a conducted study by some researchers in Australia, they found a steady decline in the learning abilities of the children growing up there. So, does the use of phonetics change that situation?

Phonetics has been found to not just help familiarize kids with the letter sounds and wordings, it also helps in improving the capability of holding information for an extended period of time which is crucial to proper growth as well as development in the children. Effective phonics instruction is important, mainly because of the fact that it acts as a foundation for boosting one’s reading and writing abilities effectively.