JEE Main Exam Pattern 2020

National Testing Agency, or in short NTA, has announced some changes in the JEE exam pattern for the year 2020. The exam will now have two papers- Paper I for engineering aspirants and Paper II for B.arch and B.Plan aspirants. The question paper for B.arch and B.Plan won’t be similar. B.Arch will have multiple choice questions from Maths and Aptitude along with questions regarding drawing, whereas B.Plan has Maths, Aptitude and an extra section with planning questions. Paper I of JEE that is the exam conducted for engineering students has three subjects- Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Students have to attempt multiple JEE main online test series in order to understand and get accustomed to the pattern of exams.

JEE Paper, I Pattern

This exam will be conducted online which means students have the advantage of changing the questions if they have marked wrong. But if the students are not familiar with this computer based exam, it is advisable for them to attempt as many JEE main online test series as possible. The exam will be conducted for three hours, and there are a total of 75 questions, which means 25 questions from each subject- Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Out of those 25 questions, 20 will be multiple choice questions, and the remaining five will have numerical values as answers.

The multiple-choice questions will have negative marking as in four marks for every right answer and one negative mark for every wrong answer. There won’t be any negative marking for the numerical value questions. They will get four marks for the right answer. There are a total of 300 marks and exams will be conducted in English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

There will be two shifts for exam- 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

JEE Paper II Pattern

This paper II pattern is pretty different than the other types of exams that you see. As there are two papers involved, we will be discussing them differently.

B.Arch Paper

This exam paper has total marks of 400 and is conducted for three hours. The exam is usually conducted online, but there is a drawing subject which will be conducted in offline mode. It has General Aptitude, Mathematics, and Drawing as subjects. Maths will have a total of 20 multiple choice questions and four numerical questions, and Aptitude has a total of 50 multiple choice questions and drawing has two questions. Four marks for MCQ questions and one negative marking for the wrong answers. The drawing exam will be evaluated for 100 marks, which means each question carries fifty marks.

B.Plan Paper

This is a completely computer-based exam which is conducted for three hours. The exam has a total of 400 marks, just like B.Arch paper. It has Maths, Aptitude and Planning questions. Maths will have 20 multiple choice questions along with 5 numerical questions; Aptitude has a total of 50 MCQs and Planning will have 25 questions. The planning section will have a passage written test too. Similar to B.Arch paper, one negative mark for every MCQ wrong answer and zero negative marks for numerical questions.