Important Details To Note About UST-Legazpi Before Enrolling – A Guide For Aspiring Thomasians

Thomasians are taught with a holistic form of teaching that does not only focus on academic skills but also aims to impart Christian lessons to develop all areas of life. It helps students to become productive citizens of the country and to better prepare as young adults or professionals in the future.

University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi (UST-Legazpi) is the first-ever Dominican school in the Bicol region. For the past years, it has continuously produced graduates that have shown excellence in their respective field of studies. Until recent time, UST-Legazpi is proud to have it is very own 2019 Bar Exam Top-Notcher placing first place in the list of thousands of examines. All of these are some of the worth-celebrating feats of the institution.

But learning does not stop as UST-Legazpi is bound to break more barriers by providing quality education coupled with world-class school facilities to help ensure a conducive learning environment for students. As a private university, there is a UST tuition fee to pay for the services of the school, including miscellaneous fees. Nonetheless, the price is budget-friendly to make education accessible for all at low costs.


If you are highly interested, then this is a guide perfect for you. Here are some of the details that you should take note of UST-Legazpi.

It’s A Christian School

First of all, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is a Dominican school. It provides Christian teachings to students. However, it does not close its boundaries for non-Catholic students. The University warmly welcomes various religions and is fully aware of the rights of students to learn amid a diverse set of beliefs. It is one of the Vision, Mission, and Goals – or the so-called VMG – of the UST-Legazpi. The pursuit of enriching the minds, hearts, and souls of every student is the primary goal of the institution.

High-Esteemed Educators

Educators of the UST-Legazpi are honed in their craft to teach thoroughly all subjects required and to train students as well. All teachers from various levels of education are well-versed with their teachings, which is of great significance for learners to learn more effectively. As the UST-Legazpi is considered the best school in legazpi city, it seeks to have proficient teachers through seminars and workshops that improve their skills and advance their careers.

Well-Adjusted In K-12 Curriculum

In the implementation of the K-12 curriculum, UST-Legazpi is prepared and ready. Significant adjustments were made, resulting in better program enforcement. Students in Grades 11 and 12, and Junior and Senior levels are given the right materials to use. Teachers are briefed and went through a series of training as well. All of these paved the way for the institution to teach under K-12 effectively.

Pioneers Of Various Course Programs And Studies

UST-Legazpi currently offers 23 programs at the tertiary level. You can choose from a wide array of courses. Additionally, the institution provides law studies and graduate school for students who wish to fulfill various academic pursuits. As one of the pioneers of law school in Bicol region, UST-Legazpiconsistently produced graduates that have successfully attained academic excellence.


Final Word

It’s time to be a Thomasian now. UST-Legazpi is an educational haven for nurturing young minds and fostering moral values. With its set of goals, the University aims to offer the best form of teaching to every student.