A business letter is the letter which is written by a business organisation to its stakeholder in the context of the business. The stakeholders may be its customers, suppliers, other business entities etc which may vary as per the concern of the business letter. 

It is a very commonly used type of the letter which has the main objective of discussing the business and other such affairs. 

For instance a business organisation can write a business letter to its customers to provide the Information about the newly launched product of the organization, so that the customers can show some interest in the product of the organisation.

In the similar manner the organisation may address to its suppliers in order to attain the Information about the raw material and place the order for the material. The objective of the business letter widely differs from the one place to the other and it is a very significant letter for any business organisation.

It works as the best source of establishing the communication between the business organisation and its stakeholder in order to convey and attain the several kind of the Information. 

We urge all the business organisation to integrate the business letter in their business to expand the scale of it. 

Writing the Business Letter 

Well, as we have discussed above that a business letter is a very significant letter and thus this letter must be written in the appropriate manner, so that it can serve its purpose.

 If you are new to writing the letter then we will help you in drafting the business letter in your organisation very easily by our easy step by step guide.

  • First of all you need to adopt the right and the professional kind of the business letter format as per the prevailing standards of the business letter. 
  • Generally the business letters should be written using the Ariel or the Times New Roman format of writing. 
  • You should leave one inch of margin from the all sides of the letter to make it look professional. 
  • After being clear with the format of the letter you should pick the right kind of paper which is either the letter size paper or the A4 paper. 
  • It is always considered better to print the letter on the letterhead of the company. 
  • Now come to the content part and first of all mention the full and the proper name of your organisation on the business letter and below the name mention the full address of the business organisation. 
  • Next below the name&address of the organisation you must write the date on the letter to make sure the sending date of the letter. 
  • Now as you are done with the part of providing the information about the sender of the letter then you must mention the Information about the recipient of the letter. 
  • Write the full name and the address of the recipient just like you mentioned the identity of your organisation. 
  • After it you need to select the proper salutation for the letter as per the recipient. 
  • If you know about the recipient well then address the recipient with the “Dear Sir/Madam” or if you don’t know about the recipient then you can write the salutation as “To Whom It May Concern”. 
  • At last we come to the main body of the letter and here you can use the personal pronoun to represent the organisation such as “we” or “I” as per the suitability of tone. 
  • Then you can state the whole content of the business letter in a precise yet understanding manner to the reader.  
  • Become friendly in your letter if it is being written to the customer so that they can sense the aspect of being concerned with them. 
  • Have the gentle and the respectful tone in the letter while delivering the whole content of the letter so that the reader sense the positive vibes from the letter. 
  • At last you can wrap up the business letter by thanking to the recipient of the letter for making the time to read the letter. 
  • Put the official signature or the common seal of the organisation at the end of the letter and then you are done.  

The above mentioned points are the ideal points to draft the business letter and you can write your own business letter by keeping these points in your consideration.