How to Prepare for GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics (GG)?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2020 registrations have already begun from the 3rd of September 2019 and very soon the exam will be knocking at your door by February of 2020. Although it may seem a lot of time yet GATE 2020 is not just another competitive examination and requires a lot of thorough preparation to be successful in it. It is an exam meant for the graduates of B.Sc., Engineering, Architecture, and Statistics to earn admission in the most prestigious IIT, NIT, GFTI (Government Funded Technical Institutes) and STI’s of India for Post Graduation education. Therefore, it is meant to be tough and we are here to help you with the preparation tips, best books and syllabus for the subject of Geology and Geophysics. The level of the examination is very high and if you want to earn your position as a PG from one of the best technical institutes of the country roll up your sleeves and start preparation.

This article is meant for the students who want to take up PG education in Geology and Geophysics and are looking for guidance for the best preparation tips, GATE books and GATE syllabus on Geology and Geophysics. First of all the interested candidates should start filling up the online application process by visiting the website The prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi is in charge of conducting the examinations of GATE 2020. It is known that the syllabus for the Geology and Geophysics is very vast as it is divided into the study of Geology, Geophysics individually as well as some studies regarding the culmination of both the Geology and Geophysics.

GATE 2020 Preparation Tips for Geology and Geophysics

  • Syllabus – the most vital step before you start your preparation for the GATE 2020 is to have complete knowledge about the syllabus of the GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics subject. It is a huge and vast subject and therefore to know exactly what you need to study for the exam is very vital and important, otherwise, you won’t be able to complete studying the subject before your exam. It will be a waste of your time too just studying unimportant topics for the exam.
  • Best GATE books – the second most vital preparation tip is to have the right and accurate GATE associated books for the Geology and Geophysics examination. Some of the great basic books on the subject which will improve your basic concepts about the subject will be very important for your preparation. 
  • Proper Order of Studying – it is vital to know the proper order of studying. As we have mentioned earlier in this article that although it may seem a lot, by time is very essential in GATE preparation and completion of GATE syllabus. The order of studying should be such that the topics which you feel you have the least knowledge about should be studied first and then the topics which you have good command over should be studied last. But nothing should be left out from the syllabus.
  • Preparation from practice papers – it is very important to prepare from practice papers and previous years question paper to get you acquainted with the question pattern of the GATE exams. There should a time table for studying and solving question papers.
  • Mock tests and revision – mock tests are very important in GATE preparation as it helps you to get actuated with your timing during the real examination. This also helps you to understand which topics need better revision and how much maximum time you can spend on a question during the GATE 2020 exam.

GATE Syllabus 2020 for Geology and Geophysics

The GATE syllabus 2020 for the subject of Geology and Geophysics include 3 parts which are given as below:

Common Geology and Geophysics section

  • Coal and Petroleum resources in India.
  • Paleomagnetism
  • Atmosphere and Greenhouse effect
  •  Earth and Planetary system
  • Properties of rocks and soils
  • Introduction to remote sensing
  • Well logging
  • Radiometric prospecting for oil
  • Stratigraphic principles 
  • Interior of Earth


  • Engineering of rocks
  • Metamorphism
  • Methods of projection
  • Crystals
  • Mineralogy
  • Geomorphic processes and agents
  • Geostatistics 
  • Mining
  • Marine geology
  • Construction geology
  • Ore mineralogy
  • Principle of remote sensing
  • GIS
  • Air-photo interpretation
  • Tunnels and excavation sites
  • Evolution of landforms
  • Ocean resources


  • Magnetic properties of Earth
  • Earthquakes
  • Equivalence and suppression
  • Laplace, Maxwell, Clairaut’s and Green’s theorem
  • Dar-Zarrouck parameters
  • Geophysical signal processing
  • Basic concepts of forward and inverse problems of geophysics
  • Seismic methods of prospecting
  • Regional and residual gravity separation
  • Calculation of mass
  • Depth rules
  • D.C. resistivity measurements
  • Reduction of layers
  • Absolute and relative gravity measurements

Best GATE Books 2020 for Geology and Geophysics

Topics Books and Name of Author
Geology A Text-Book of Geology – G.B. Mahapatra

Structural Geology – Marland P. Billings

Economic Geology – Umeshwar Prasad

Geophysics Solved Problems in Geophysics – Elisa Buforn, Carmen Pro and Augustin Udias

Fundamentals of Geophysics – William Lowrie

Engineering Geology and Geophysics Quantitative Geophysics and Geology – Louis Lliboutry

Engineering Geology – R. Nagarajan, A. Parthasarathy, and V. Panchapakesan.

Principles of Engineering Geology – K.M. Bangar

General Aptitude Objective English for Competitive Examinations – Uma Rani Sinha, Hari Mohan Prasad

How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude – Arun Sharma


By referring to the above-mentioned books on Geology and Geophysics, students can feel confident about securing good marks in the examination. For years, successful students have studied the subjects from these books as these are the best-sellers.