How to Choose the Best Career Options for Girls

Today, sky is the limit for girls who are hardworking and want to make a career for themselves. Any job that a boy does, a girl can do it too. Equally well. There are many career options available for girls today.

However, this is just as true while girls and boys are equal, they are also different. Pregnancy, taking care of the baby is something that impacts a girl’s career more compared to boys.

In India, there are also many expectations set by the society that many girls end up following such as not working late nights and being available at home to take care of the kids and family.

  • Havinga 2-year, 5-year and 7-year plan in place

 At each stage of life, our expectations from a career differ.

When a girl is in her teens and early twenties, she may dream about exploring the world. Travelling. Having a challenging job that pushes her to achieve her best, put in long hours of study and get the best possible learning from the job.

As she grows older, she may get married. Have kids. Now instead of one, she has multiple roles to perform – a career woman, a home maker and a mother.

She may look for a job which offers her job security and flexible working hours, along with the joy of working.

This is where the 2- year, 5-year and 7-year plan becomes important:

  • A 2-year plan will help you choose a career that matches with your interests
  • A 5-year plan will help you think about the kind of career you want in long terms. So, even when you make your career choices now, you will keep in mind your interests as well the other expectations that you make have from your career in future – such as job security, fixed working hours.
  • A 7-year plan is slightly more long term. It will help you imagine your life in future and anticipate how does career fit into your life. For example, you make want to take a break for a year or two after having a baby. Many women do it. A long-term plan helps you choose career options where it is possible to take a break and get back to working once you are ready.
  • Go for a career assessment test and check out multiple career options

Just like there are many career options available for girls, there are also many career assessments tests which are available. Some of them are even free!

Go for these career assessment tests. It is a good way to explore your interests and see careers which match them.

There are career assessment tests for free that detail out the best possible career options for girls. They give a detailed report on your areas of interests and career options which match these interests.

It is a good idea to check these tests when you plan for your 2-year, 5-year and 7- year career plan.