Hotlanta is also Caliente!

Atlanta is nicknamed “Hotlanta” for its cultural diversity and exciting nightlife. We think it should also be called “caliente,” which means “hot” in Spanish. Caliente can refer to hot sauce, a super sexy person, music, fashion, dancing or any other trend. A “hot” trend in Atlanta, for companies that are based there, is to have an Atlanta Spanish answering service. Let us explain why.

Hotlanta is caliente because of the city’s huge population of Hispanics. Out of the 60 largest metropolitan areas in the United States with Hispanic people, Atlanta is 19th on the list. In the Atlanta Metro Area, about 11% of the people are Hispanics. That is around 546,000 people. This is more than half of the total population of Hispanics in the state of Georgia. The state has around 880,000 Hispanics in total.

Imagine you are running a business in Atlanta and you discover a group of over half a million potential customers that you did not even know where there. How much positive impact could it make on your business if you got some of these Hispanics to become customers? That is a hot idea but how are you going to achieve this?

Get Real with an Atlanta Spanish Answering Service

If you want to get Hispanics to become patrons of your business, you need to treat them with respect. Many speak English as a native English speaker. They were born in the USA and the only language they ever learned was English. Even though they may not speak Spanish, they still love the cultural heritage of their roots. Others are bilingual, speaking English and Spanish with about equal capability. Some are not so strong in English language skills and prefer to communicate in Spanish.

By having the option to speak with an operator who understands Spanish, as well as English, you capture the hearts, minds, and loyalty of all these potential Hispanic customers. This is a courtesy thing that Spanish-speaking people appreciate. Once they know that they can call your company and speak Spanish if they like, they will have more interest in what you have to offer. They also usually tell others because Hispanics traditionally have big families, and they typically love communicating with others about what they discover.

Spanish Works for Everyone

Businesses, which are not already directly associated with the Hispanic market, find that by having Spanish-speaking operators available, they can more easily expand their marketing effort to include Hispanics. It is easy to do this by working with a call center with these Spanish skills. This is a hot idea because it usually has a very beneficial impact on sales and profits.

Any company that provides products and service to Atlanta customers, benefits from making the effort to accommodate the needs of Spanish speakers. Set up a Spanish answering service in Atlanta today so that your business can also be “caliente”!


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