Fundamental Codeigniter Interview Questions For Freshers

What this means is an answer in which a framework might be acquired and you don’t have to repeat exactly the same factor continuously. Codeigniter will the meet your requirements. It’s open-source software utilized just like a framework to build up dynamic websites and applications with PHP. However, it does not mean that you’ll stop using PHP. Codeigniter is just a container of plugins, libraries, helpers along with other sources that supplement the complex functionality of PHP.

If you’re a aspirant who’s intending to view Codeigniter interview questions, then you definitely certainly must realize a couple of basics first. So, explore the information given below and ace your Codeigniter interview.

Basics of Codeigniter

Codeigniter could be a PHP framework helpful for developing web applications and websites. It draws on MVC (Model View Control) pattern which is considered among the better frameworks in relation to speed. Codeigniter aids work by providing an enormous quantity of libraries, logical structure and straightforward interface which allows you to certainly create projects faster when compared with hands writing codes on your own. The very first kind of Codeigniter premiered on Feb 8, 2006. Its current development version 3.o dev, licensed with Open Software License, premiered on October 20, 2011.

File structures

There’s two file structures of Codeigniter i.e application- helpers, hooks, language, library, cache, models, views, 3rd party, Controllers and system- core, database, fonts, language, libraries.

URL patterns

In arrears URL pattern, you will find four primary components in Codeigniter. First, we’ve the server name adopted using the controller class name. Then, we’ve controller function name by the end, you will find function parameters. We’re able to interact with the Codeigniter when using the URL assistant.

Syntax- http://servername/controllerName/controllerFunction/parameter1/parameter2.

MVC and Helpers

MVC- Codeigniter draws on MVC pattern. It is really an acronym for Model view Control. MVC separates the approval logic from presentation. Because the presentation is separated from PHP, MVC makes certain that all pages contain less scripting.

Helpers- Helpers would be the number of functions within the particular category that assist you in your tasks. There are lots of kinds of helpers like URL helpers, form helpers, text assistant, cookie helpers and file assistant. Every one of these types includes a distinct quantity of functions.

The Choices of Codeigniter

Listed here are the choices of Codeigniter that makes it stick out other frameworks-

It’s a free, open-source PHP framework.

Unlike other frameworks that need huge file libraries, Codeigniter could be a light weighted framework that needs only a couple of small libraries.

It’s fast in comparison with every other frameworks of PHP.

Codeigniter is extensible which may be easily extended using class extensions, helpers or system hooks.

It draws on MVC pattern and needs nearly zero configurations.

The Hook Feature that is types

The hook feature of Codeigniter enables you to affect the interior functionality of PHP framework. This modification is carried out keeping mind that no disturbance is carried out for that core files. In simpler terms, hook enables execution of scripts obtaining a particular path within the Codeigniter execution process. Using hook feature will not waste time from writing the code multiple occasions. It might be referred to as application/config/hooks.php file. For instance,