Finding a job

 How to find a job in China

The best way to find jobs in China is using personal contacts that work for a company in China that might need someone with your skills. If you do not bless this type of connection, the easiest way to find jobs is by the Internet.

Many work sites are available for China. While American and multi-purpose companies are concerned about, China companies prefer to promote their jobs on Chinese sites such as, or Are there Some of these sites also work in English, but originally posting postings are mostly in Chinese, so you will need some knowledge of Mandy to understand them.

If you are already in China, you can also check the classifieds in English speaking magazine. Such lists are targeted to foreigners, but most of them are only for the time or agreement of the contract.

Teaching positions in China

English education is available in the growing number of high schools, universities and private language schools. They usually via email or telephone contacts, either through school or deployment agency directly. Some agencies meet Chinese teachers from teachers, pre-departure training and charge only a minor fee for this service. Other organizations only employ low-income or voluntary basis and charge enough cost-effective fees for insurance, training and continuous support.

International education opportunities can also be found in the main job opportunities. Candidates are required for the official government school education certificate and plan to attend fairly to participate in the interview on the site.

Generally speaking in English education, it is important that you are a local speaker and English certificates such as English Teachers (English as Foreign Language) certification. If you have a master’s degree, it will not only increase your chances of finding your position, but also your salary.

Jobs in China

The first step in your application is submitting:

A letter tells you that you are interested in work because you are customized. The long-term cover letter in China is not very common, but you should at least explain why you are applying for work.

There should be approximately two pages in resume or CV length. There are no formal rules for covered posts in China, but your CV should include at least some personal information, work experience, education, skills, and achievements, and career objectives. Note that the Chinese keeps it in a modest way rather than presenting itself, so any “breaking” in your CV can produce a very bad impression. Stick the facts and talk to yourself.

Copy your diploma and other degree. It is understood that Chinese chinese nurse is very important, you should attach many degrees according to your request.

If your company or agency has applied you, you are interested in your profile, phone interview is likely to be in the next step. If you are applying to a large corporation, you may also be in a personal job interview. Be a minor, as a job interview, but clear your motivation and skills that make you suitable for work.

A word of advice: Before your interview, keep you in position as employees and ask yourself: Because they want to analyze and do not have Chinese sugar, which already knows before the Chinese environment and maybe one of the salary Will get the share. Can you be ordered? If you are applying to an international company: Why should not he send an internal employee who knows China and the Company before business? Answering these questions helps you to understand the value of real market and help identify the companies that may cause you to rent.

Finding a job through an intersection in China

Many people studying in China also serve as an entrance to foreign companies or government agencies. Internships are mostly unwanted in China, but they are often in companies or institutions with which you like your intrinshop or other foreign companies, often like ordinary people who have some work experience in China.

Your job

Of course, you can try to work independently or automatically in China, but some will be prepared for difficulties. If you are not yet in China and visa requirement, first of all, you are the first to be visa issues, if you do not have an employer in China, it will be very difficult for you to get it done. One way to get around is known as one of the first students in China or face any job that will set your papers and then your visa status in China Try changing

Discrimination in employment

If you are from the U.S., you probably use strict rules against discrimination and may be surprised by Chinese jobs questions related to your questions. “Maiden and sexy secretary wanted” Yes – this is one.

Extra Tips