File Commander – Best Android File Explorer

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where all your files are disorganised, and you cannot even locate them, and it affects all your work, and you feel like your whole life is a mess? Well, I for one have definitely been there. Working as a student or working in a company or even working on your own thing can be extremely stressful and exhausting. And it is also extremely necessary that all your work has to be organised and well maintained in order to keep your life smooth and also maintain your own sanity! File Commander on android is surely going to assist you in making your work life easy. It consists of numerous features to help keep all your files intact and accessible at any time, not only on your android device, but also on cloud storage and also in any other network. This has made it extremely handy to locate your files and also transfer your files with no hassle at all.

However, you could always be worried about your files or important data being at risk. File Commander has an incredible solution for every question of yours. It consists of vault security and thereby ensures the safety of all your sensitive and important data. This way, you can handle all your files at ease with no doubt at all. It also supports all kinds of files ranging from audio to video and also your favourite playlists. Ever panicked about running out of data and not being able to access your files? File commander has got you covered! It works offline to provide you with the utmost productive service and lets you browse your files with no internet connection at all.

Android File Explorer

Furthermore, it also provides you the ability of never worrying about running out of storage. Sick and tired of seeing the warning messages that ask you to clear up storage to preserve space? This feature of File Commander would definitely make you want to switch to this app as fast as you can. It offers 5GB of free storage for all your files! And the premium version of the app lets you go up to 50GB! Is that not crazy and exciting at the same time? It not only provides you with these extremely beneficial features and advantages, but it also makes your hectic life super easy and organised. From locating hidden or lost files to saving up space, and converting files into formats that suit your needs, File Commander does it all!

You can download this File explorer from your default or stock app store. For most of the Android phones it is Google play store. Open Google play store and search this app name. You will see this app on search results. Select and install. If you are unable to install this application using Google play store, you can use any Play store alternative such as acmarket. AC Market offers Android apps and games without any restriction. Support all most all Android phones and tablets for free.

Install apps and games may take considerable amount of storage. Some times you may lose your device performance due to those apps. Easily clean all unwanted apps and junks on storage with junk remover application like Clean Master, AVG cleaner, Bee Booster and etc. You can download Clean Master for free and boost device performance easily.

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