Easy to Use Teacher-Parent App

From time to time, CloudBB has proved its importance to its valuable clients. A multi-functional school parent app to make lives easier. It helps to burn the bridge between teachers and parents by providing them with a platform to communicate with each other as per their needs.

Parents can now have continual interaction with the teachers about the growth and process made by their child. This childcare software provides us with some exclusive features such as, “Parent Connection” and “My School”, are a step towards improved child growth.

Today we are going to discuss more about the working of these features and how you can save your valuable time by using them.

Parent Connection

This feature, when clicked on, takes you through a portal to connect you with your child’s everyday activities that he or she participates in the school. It helps parents to know more details about their child’s day. It has real-time photos, videos, and notes that are posted by the teachers. If the family has multiple children, then what parents can do is, make their children’s individual portfolios in the app. Once it’s done, parents can switch between schools to check on the activities of each child. Other than that, this feature also allows you to share the lovely moments of your child’s life easier with your friends and relatives.

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My School

CloudBB provides all-in-one after school management solution. It gives a chance to manage things such as staff, student data, lessons and much more, in one place for after schools and childcare centers. You can keep a track of the classes where staff and students are signed into. It also provides accurate reports regarding pickup and drop-offs. It helps you to keep an eye on attendance and assign various roles and profiles to staff. One of the best things about this feature is that it provides updates made by parents to the drivers in recorded time, which ensures that all the assigned students are picked up promptly.

This teacher parent communication app seamlessly connects parents, teachers and drivers in one place to ensure children’s safety as well as keep a record of their activities. The entire software is built in such a way that automatically generates pickup plans in bulk and also allows them to schedule ahead of time. Like, schools create a monthly schedule for their students on the app, after which parents and drivers get a notification of the same list. Once they have the list, it gets easier to plan their schedules accordingly. The most important thing about the CloudBB app is, that you don’t have to a technology savvy to understand the working of this childcare software. Its interface is very user-friendly which allows you to use it according to your needs in a few easy clicks. Parents can also opt-in to get daily picks tasks schedule and even get notified through an email regularly about the time when they have to pick up their child.