Do’s And Dont’s For Cheerleading Fundraising

When you are looking to do a cheerleading fundraiser, you need to know that there are many different ideas you can use. After all, you are always in need of money for new uniforms or to simply take the team to championships. However, you always want to ensure that the event is safe for everyone.

So, here are some cheerleading fundraising do’s and dont’s that you should keep in mind.


#1: Do a cheerleading fundraising brainstorm session

It is always important that the cheerleading fundraising event pleases to the entire team and that it can be a success. So, there’s nothing better than gathering all the team in a room and just consider the ideas from everyone.

Remember that in brainstorming, all ideas count. You never know where the perfect idea for the fundraising can come from.

#2: Do state the goal of the cheerleading fundraising

It doesn’t matter if you need money to go to the championship or to buy new uniforms. People need to know where their money is going to be spent on.

#3: Do be friendly

At any fundraiser, you need to ensure that everyone participating are not only friendly as they are professional and outgoing.

#4: Do use pictures

One of the things that most people love to see in a cheerleading fundraising are pictures of the team stunting and cheering. In case you are in need of new uniforms, you should display an image of them. This way, you are showing people exactly what they are supporting.

#5: Do include your local community

Local businesses are always looking for new ways and opportunities to get more customers. So, when you are hosting a cheerleading fundraiser, you should definitely get in touch with them. Most of these local businesses should be willing to contribute to your cause in exchange for some advertising.

#6: Do work together

Whenever you need to go to the street and talk to people to promote the cheerleading fundraising, you should make sure that you never go alone. It is always better to go in pairs or in groups of three.

#7: Do things on your own

When you are hosting a cheerleading fundraiser, only the team members should do things. No matter if you are hosting a craft sale or a bake sale, the team members are the ones responsible for making things happen. Not their families.

#8: Do involve kids from your community

Just like it is important to involve local businesses, it is important not to forget children. After all, most of them love cheerleading and will be pleased to get a chance to learn chants, cheers, and even some simple stunts they can do without hurting themselves.

During the cheerleading fundraiser, you can then have these children you have been training perform. You will not only bring the children to your event but also their parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. So, more money for you.


#1: Don’t act irresponsibly

When you are participating in cheerleading fundraising, you need to ensure that you comply with all your responsibilities. So, let’s say that your cheerleading fundraising includes a car wash. You should make sure that you wash all the cars properly since people are paying for your services. Besides, everyone has their own tasks. Don’t simply delegate your tasks for other team members. Do your part as well.

#2: Don’t beg for money

One of the easiest (and worst) ideas that a cheerleading fundraising can include is to have the different team members beg for money in an intersection. People won’t give you any and you will be jeopardizing the team’s name.

#3: Don’t be misleading

When you are organizing a cheerleading fundraising, you need to ensure that everyone knows exactly where they are donating to. Let’s say that you’re doing a car wash. You should make sure that you have some signs pointing in the right direction but don’t state that the car wash is free. People will feel mislead and they will immediately leave when you tell them that they need to pay.

#4: Don’t go to houses you don’t know

When your cheerleading fundraising includes going from house to house, you should never go alone. It is always better to go in pairs or in groups of three. In addition, you should avoid ringing the bells of houses you don’t know as well as you should wear your uniforms or a t-shirt that clearly identifies your team.