Do You Need Insurance for Your Dog?

Betty was heartbroken. Her dog, Rowdy, needed surgery, but she could not afford it. She wanted to kick herself for not buying pet insurance. Now, her dog needed a surgery that she could not pay. She was certain that her healthy and spunky terrier would always be happy and active. She had not anticipated that it would be struck by a car and now need surgery.

Do You Need to Pay for a Pet’s Surgery?

Fortunately, for Betty, a good friend, Jan, told her that she would pay for Rowdy’s surgery. “Don’t worry Betty,” said Jan. “They will fix Rowdy up and he’ll be back to his old self again!” Betty was truly grateful, but she was not going to ever go without dog insurance in the future.

Are you like Betty? Do you feel that pet insurance is too much of an expense? If so, you may find yourself going upstream without a paddle, as you will have no way to pay for any sickness or accident that your pet experiences. Do you really want this to happen? Most pet owners do not want to even imagine this type of event. However, it does happen and will happen, especially if you forego buying a pet cover policy.

Basic and Comprehensive Plans

When you review pet insurance policies, you will find that the coverage featured may be basic or comprehensive. What you choose in protection will be based on your pet’s age, its current health, and what you can afford.  For example, you can choose from an accidental injury cover, an accidental injury and illness cover, or major medical cover.

If you want to choose a comprehensive insurance, you are better off choosing major medial. This type of pet insurance covers any treatment that is related to an accidental injury, illnesses, or routine care. When you sign up for a plan, you receive reimbursement of your vet bill for any accident or sickness contracted by your pet. This reimbursement subtracts a $200 yearly excess per incident or condition.

Some of the Extra Benefits

You may also obtain additional benefits when you choose major medical. For example, you can enjoy cover for emergency boarding fees or overseas pet travel insurance. If you plan to travel with your dog or cat, this is a great insurance to have. The insurer pays for any eligible vet costs whilst on holiday. This insurance only applies to the areas in the world where pets do not need to be quarantined.

Another benefit of note is the one that covers tick paralysis. The insurance company will pay a yearly benefit restriction of $1,000. This entire amount covers the expenses related to treating paralysis ticks. Therefore, you can make the most of your pet insurance cover by choosing major medical.

Be a friend to your dog by selecting the best cover of insurance plans. When you cover your pet for illnesses, accidents, and routine care, you can be assured that your loving dog or cat will always receive the care it needs.