Difference Between an Editor and a Proofreader

Although editing and proofreading are commonly pointed out together, they are two various things.

  • Editing suggests enhancing writing putting the writer’s message across in the very best means.
  • Proofreading means checking to make certain the writing is aesthetically and technically sound.

What is editing?

Oxford Dictionaries specifies it regarding “prepare composed material for publication by correcting, modifying, or condensing it.”

Writing editor modify the copy created by the writer. They are accountable for the overall uniformity insignificance and accuracy in a piece of writing. When an author is done with drafting, it is sent out then to an editor who will read it and make necessary changes.


  • Proper spelling as well as grammar.
  • Examine the sensible flow of concepts.
  • Examine uniformity of language, design, as well as tone.
  • Check truths, as well as figures.
  • Make certain that the author is getting the designated message throughout.
  • Make certain that the work is understandable.
  • Make sure there are no apparent errors.

Wht is proofreading?

Oxford Dictionaries defines it regarding “check out (printer’s proofs or various other written or printed product) and mark any kind of errors.”

Proofreading is the end stage of the writing process. It can just be done when the author completes all various other revisions, revises, and edits. Picture it as the last high-quality check before writing is released. Since first impressions count, looking for consistency in usage as well as format is important. The words we use to advertise or offer details should look professional, and they need to be totally error-free.


  • The correct irregular format in a format that includes margins, page numbering, italics, alignment, headers and footers, quotes, paragraphing, spacing, tabs, as well as typefaces.
  • Proper use of language that includes spelling (British or American English), spelling, grammar, hyphenation, capitalisation, abbreviations, and phrases.