Develop Capstone Experiences with GNIIT Cloud and Mobile Software Engineering Course

GNIIT’s course in mobile and cloud computing puts students on the map in terms of knowledge, work experience and latest industry trends.

The high proliferation of digital devices and Internet technologies in India has led to businesses paying greater attention to mobile apps and digital advertising. But at the heart of this progress in mobile tech is something known as cloud and mobile computing.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing comprises a set of network- and Internet-related functioned loaded on a single platform, but which are accessible via multiple interfaces. The platform offers many different computing services that companies can use, ranging from server space to networking and analytics, and from software to data storage. All these services, and the interface servicing it, are collectively referred to as ‘the cloud’.

Professionals or companies offering cloud computing services often work at various levels of software engineering and some degree of hardware servicing as well. Cloud providers offer computing services in exchange for a monthly payment. Thus, the model works on a pay-per-use basis. 

What is its utility in everyday life?

Companies benefit tremendously from having experts manage their cloud computing services. Consider its benefits: 

  • There is no need to buy or maintain separate or different data centre. This is money and effort saved. 
  • There are no separate investment or inventory costs. You pay for what you need and consume.
  • The entire unit works seamlessly and offers immediate access to whatever one needs.

Why you need to enrol for the cloud and mobile software engineering course

As wireless technology becomes more and more popular and more homes and offices get hooked to Wi-Fi networks, cloud computing assumes significant proportions in India. 

Applications and data storage needs are being delivered over wireless tech, and computers and cell phones provide the user interface with different computers programmes and data. Do note that the user base is on the rise in the country and storing all this data and allocating enough storage space is a constant challenge that needs innovative solutions. Cloud and mobile computing experts are going to be in much demand even in the future, as they are now. Applying for a good cloud and mobile software engineering course with an institute like NIIT is useful in getting a foothold in this industry.

About the GNIIT cloud and mobile computing programme:

  • The programme is spread over 7 terms and teaches software engineering as per university semester curriculum 
  • It includes a 3-month digital transformation specialisation term, and 6 months professional practice term
  • Students get one year of professional practice as part of the course
  • Faculty members comprise industry experts and experienced IT professionals
  • Over 1,000 organisations have already recruited successful candidates

How to apply for the GNIIT course in cloud and mobile software engineering

  • The eligibility criteria include marks equal to or greater than 60% in Class 10, and equal to or greater than 55% in class 12
  • GNIIT prefers working knowledge of MS Office