Many of us are in the habit of mispronouncing the words. Also some words are difficult to pronounce. But if we work hard we can master the art of pronunciation and also become great communicators.

These are some ways to improve your pronunciation skills: –

  • Listen to others carefully: –

The first and the most important practice you need to inculcate to improve your communication skills is to listen carefully to others when they are speaking. Try to get the right pronunciation of words and observe how the lips are moving while others are speaking.

This will help you pronounce words correctly and you will be able to avoid pronunciation mistakes. You can also use pronunciation tools available online to learn the correct pronunciation of words and you can also enrol for a Spoken English Classes Online in India to learn pronunciation quick and fast.

  • Speak in front of a mirror: –

Another good idea is to stand in front of a mirror and speak out words and sentences aloud. At the same time you should pay close attention to your tongue and how it moves with different words and also you should pay close attention to your lips as to how they take shape with different words and sounds.

Thus you will reduce the chances of mistakes and you will be able to pronounce the words properly and correctly thus avoiding embarrassing mistakes.

Also this practice will help you get rid of MTI or mother tongue influence and you will correct your mistakes and speak English like a pro.

  • Record yourself: –

Another good practice is to record yourself while you are speaking and then listen to the recording carefully. You can also take a Spoken English Classes Online in India and with the help of a trainer you will improve your communication skills. This way you will be able to improve your pronunciation skills quick and easy in a short duration of time.

  • Copy famous dialogs: –

You can also read from the newspaper or any book out loud and observe where you are making pronunciation mistakes. This way your pronunciation will become better and more accurate and you will be able to pronounce even difficult words with enormous ease.

You can also speak out loud famous dialogs and sentences for practice and this will definitely help you in become more fluent and pronounce words better.

  • Break down difficult and long words: –

The next thing you should do is to break down long words into parts which are called as syllables. Then speak the syllables separately and then practice more and then speak the word as one.

This will help you identify in which syllable you are making a mistake and you will be able to correct that with the help from your tutor or trainer.

Thus it makes complete sense to break down long words and then you can become good at pronouncing even long and difficult words.

  • Use word and syllable stress: –

Also you should listen carefully and observe where good speakers use word stress and syllable stress. This will help you in emulating them and also will help you in speaking the sentences and words with enormous ease.

Thus by putting all these techniques into practice you can easily become a pro at pronunciation and be able to pronounce even difficult words with a lot of ease and impress others who can then follow your example.
therefore it makes complete sense to go for an Spoken English Classes online in India as that will help you in many ways in improving your communication skills and especially your pronunciation skills and this will make a winner out of you.