Top 4 Facts You Need to Know About Hadoop

Hadoop is a platform which has made the storage and management of large data volumes possible- something which too complex to mitigate in the times of traditional RDBMS. Simply said, the most challenging part of data parallelizing amongst several cluster nodes is not only achieved but the Apache Hadoop framework has made it scalable, flexible […]

Preparing Yourself for a Career in Real Estate

If you crave a job where you’re out taking on new challenges every day, then a career in real estate may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll have the gratifying role of helping people accomplish their dream of either buying or selling a home. This is a career that can be enjoyed by anyone […]

Study GMAT- the best GMAT Study Guides

Doing the Graduate Management Achievement Test (GMAT) is overwhelming. Individuals who anticipate undertaking the post-graduate program in business management are required to set for this exam. However, ahead of setting for the exam, they need to study GMAT manual that might guide them on whatever they need to study from the start until the final. […]

Effective Ways to Enhance the Girl Child Education

In general, education is considered as the major key factor for everyone’s life. The people have to know about the importance and awareness of the girl child education. Still, most of the parents are not ready to send their female children’s to primary schools. A lot of goodness has been included in the education for […]

How students will learn or remember more

At Exam Time we are aware that each subject is different and requires specific study techniques and resources. For that reason, we will see some of the most effective techniques on how to study History. 5 Techniques and Resources for Studying History History is one of the subjects that cause headaches to many students, who […]


Many of us are in the habit of mispronouncing the words. Also some words are difficult to pronounce. But if we work hard we can master the art of pronunciation and also become great communicators. These are some ways to improve your pronunciation skills: – Listen to others carefully: – The first and the most […]