Building A School Playground? Here’s How To Shop For Commercial Grade Park Equipment

When it comes to establishing a piece of commercial park equipment, it is important to ensure that you take into account a number of things. Truly, there have been a lot of PTO group or even faith centers who have worked on a playground project for the first time. Most of the time, their experience is quite overwhelming.

Nevertheless, playgrounds are always fun. If you think about building them, think about the children who will be so happy once it’s done. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks that you should follow when shopping for pieces of commercial park equipment.

Planning Process

In every project, there is a planning process. In this process, you are to discuss the allocated budget, the financing strategies, and the goals for the project. In cases when you are to build a commercial park, fundraising may be the most cost-effective approach to gather the right amount for the project.

Setting the Budget

The financing strategies may be considered as a sub-category of the planning process. However, the whole project would be a failure if you cannot determine how much money will you need for the pieces of the commercial park equipment.

Most of the time, a commercial play system would cost around $20,000 up to $80,000. There are pieces of equipment that ranges from $10,000 up to $20,000; however, these are very small. So, if you are planning to acquire these, you should take into account the overall space of your playground.

Figuring out the Playground Space

Stemming from the previous point, to determine the budget for the project, you have to set the overall space for your playground. For small spaces, most equipment would have a measurement of 25 ft. By 30 ft.

Determining the Age of the Children

You also have to take into consideration the age of the children who will be playing and using these pieces of playground equipment. There are a number of play systems that are available online.

These are typically categorized under children ages from two to five, two to 12, and five to 12. There are also pieces of equipment that are perfect for elementary students. By determining the age of the users, you can effectively narrow down your search.

Safety Features

When it comes to establishing a playground, it is crucial to not forget about the various safety features of the equipment, and of the overall playground space. Most of the time, when shopping for playground equipment, you would notice that manufacturers have already taken into consideration their safety aspects. All you need to do is to double-check on them.

Playground’s Maintenance

Lastly, you have to figure out the playground’s maintenance aspects as well as that of its pieces of equipment. You have to answer questions like “how long will the equipment last?” And “how can you ensure that these are in good condition?”

When shopping for pieces of commercial park equipment, you do not have to worry too much since most companies offer some of the industries’ best warranties. With these in mind, good luck on your playground project!

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