Best Advice for Choosing Student Accommodation in Southampton

Are you heading to university or college in Southampton and considering your accommodation options? It can be a rather daunting prospect, as finding suitable student accommodation is one of the most important things to do before heading there to study.

There are many options for student accommodation in Southampton, which often makes choosing one even more challenging, and that is before you consider all the different factors that will influence your decision own here to live during your studies.

To make the process easier, we’ve listed some of the best advice for choosing student accommodation in Southampton:


This is an important one as it lets you know exactly what types of accommodation you can afford to pay over the upcoming year. Student accommodation is far from cheap but there are affordable options throughout Southampton, with halls of residence at the University of Southampton being one of the cheaper options.

Private accommodation can be more expensive, especially if you want to live alone, so sharing private accommodation with other students may be an option for those on a tighter budget. In any case, knowing how much you can afford to pay in rent and utilities each month is good starting point for finding accommodation in Southampton within your price range.


Location is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing student accommodation. You want somewhere that is close enough to the university or college, otherwise you’ll need to spend time commuting.

For instance, the halls of residence for the University of Southampton are usually located close to a campus, although there are some that are further away. Think about the location of each of these and whether it’s close enough and how much travelling may be required.

When opting for private accommodation you have more options in terms of location. Some private accommodations are found at the heart of Southampton, meaning great transport links, being close to most campuses, and nearby to shops and nightlife.

On the flip side, the prices are going to be much higher, not just for rent but also things like taxies. Accommodation further from the city centre means more time commuting to college or uni but more affordable rent.


Always check what amenities are included with your student accommodation in Southampton. A solid Wi-Fi is an obvious choice but think about things like an en-suite bathroom, kitchen appliances, on site laundry, and even CCTV.

These aren’t just designed to make life more comfortable – many are essentials that you’ll want included with your accommodation. Private accommodation often offers the most options in terms of amenities, although halls of residence do come with some nice extras you may want.

Shared or Private?

Do you want more privacy with your student accommodation in Southampton or does the idea of sharing with your fellow students seem more appealing? Both options have their advantages, so it’s often down to personal preferences.

Sharing accommodation is a great way to save on costs and enjoy the quintessential student experience. You’ll meet new people, enjoy more socialising, and generally have a lot of fun. That said, some prefer a quieter experience where they can focus on their studies, in which case private accommodation is likely the better choice.