Benefits of Hand Knotted Rugs

Have you ever seen, or owned, a hand knotted rug? Each one is a unique work of art, as unique as any one-of-a-kind masterpiece and made with the love of each artesian. Each of the hand knotted rugs available today are made of either silk or wool and most people love displaying them in their home.

However, there are others who claim that hand-knotted rugs are impractical because of pets or children, while others state they are too expensive.

Due to these objections you may be hesitant to add a hand knotted rug to your home; however, you have to consider the large amount of work that went into every single piece. Skilled weavers have spent up to a year tying every knot. If the rug is large, then it often requires an entire team of skilled weavers working for months to create the intricate patterns that are found in these rugs. If you want something truly special to put on your floor, then a hand knotted rug may be the perfect addition to your home.

In addition to the superior design and workmanship, there area number of other advantages associated with a hand knotted rug. Some of these are highlighted here.

Extremely Durable

A hand knotted rug is an extremely durable rug. Since they don’t contain any adhesive or glue, they won’t decay like many machine-made rugs (these only last between three and 10 years). Every strand of the silk or wool used in the hand knotted rug is used to loop around the adjacent knot and then secured by way of its own knot. As a result, the rug can easily withstand decade after decade of traffic and still look amazingly new.

Can be Easily Cleaned

A hand knotted rug is the only variety that is able to be cleaned thoroughly. This is because they don’t contain any type of chemical that may react with the water. When you hire a professional rug cleaner, you can keep this beautiful rug looking amazing for generations.

Increase in Value Over Time

Other types of rugs will fall in value as time passes. However, the exact opposite is true for hand knotted rugs. In fact, these types of rugs increase in value as time passes, making them an invaluable addition to any home.

As you can see, there are a wide arrays of benefits of hand knotted rugs that no other type of rug offers today. If you are looking for an amazing rug to add to your home, then you should definitely consider these. They are, without a doubt, well worth the investment.