Becoming a Bartender: What you Should Know

Bartenders are always cool. But, bartending involves more than just preparing and pouring drinks. An excellent bartender stays organized and is reliable. If you are looking to become a bartender, the things below will help you understand important details:

Going to a Bartending School

Bartending programs are available at École du Bar de Montréal to help you learn the basics of mixing drinks and serving alcohol safely. Reputable schools have instructors who are industry experts themselves. They have the bartending knowledge and experience they will share with you to prepare you for the real battle.

Getting Hands-On Experience

To become a great bartender, you need hands-on experience. The more you do the job, the better you get. In case you have worked in a restaurant in the past, you can use your experience here to get started. Entry-level positions can teach you the ropes.

Doing your Research

People do not like certain drinks and you need to learn them. In case you wait tables at a restaurant, you should have known their beer and wine selections. Make sure to know the brands and kinds that restaurant offers as well as the differences between these drinks.

Practicing your Skills

After your restaurant manager asks you to serve drinks, practice your skills. You can perfect liquor pour by practicing with an empty liquor bottle filled with water. Observe how long it takes you to fill a shot glass and try to duplicate this amount into a drinking glass. Avoid using a shot glass to measure drinks in front of measurements because this looks unprofessional.

A great bartender keeps an eye on customers who are at the bar for different reasons. Perhaps one customer might want somebody to talk to or just to relax. Bartenders are great listeners. You must know how to read people’s mind and interact with them accordingly.

Developing Management Skills

Usually, bartenders perform a lot of management tasks. They often close up every night and cash the servers out and send the credit card batch. Also, they order wine, beer, and spirits as well as monitor inventory. As a bartender, you must know how to effectively deal with conflicts among staff members or handle complaints from customers.

For those who haven’t tried working as a bartender, the job can seem fun and easy. But, the best bartenders are trustworthy and honest as well as have exceptional customer service skills and the ability to perform multiple tasks at once.