Background Screening – Need and Types

Consider a production plant. You are making something in your plant to sell and earn profit. To make the product, you need raw materials. A single raw material of lower quality can bring down the overall quality of the product. This same principle is also applicable to hiring the workforce. Even if one of the new hires is not what they say, it can compromise the morale of all workers. So, it is imperative to check their backgrounds to see if they are hiding something. Not only it gives you peace of mind, but it also helps you maintain the quality of your workers.

Significance of Background Screening Check

In this competitive world, everyone needs a safe and secure job to sustain. To get a job, an applicant has to be better than other applicants. To show that they are a better fit for the job, applicants may provide false information on their resumes. It can be about their past, experience, education, or anything else. They have lied their way into the company, but will they be competent in work? Do they have a criminal past you do not know about yet? These are some questions you need answers to before hiring. If you do not recognize the truth, they will be a liability to you and the company. That is why you need to do a background check on the people you want to hire. That way, you will know who you are bringing into the company. It will also tell you about their criminal history if any. Knowing all these things will ensure that you are hiring an honest and truthful person. Note that you have to follow FCRA guidelines while conducting a background check and using its result. There are many popular agencies which offer services in employment background screening. You can get in touch with them with your requirements.

Categories of Background Screening

There are multiple types of background screening you conduct on any employee or prospective hire. These are-

  • Identity Check- Sometimes, the candidate applying for the job may use a stolen ID to apply for the job. Running an identity check on an SSN can reveal a lot about the candidate.
  • Criminal Checks- It is one of the most important checks. You, as an employer, want to keep the risks at the workplace low. Running a criminal background on the candidates will tell you about their criminal past if they have one. It may include felonies, warrants, court records, etc.
  • Credit Check- If you are hiring someone for financial positions, you must run a credit check on them. It will reveal their fiscal history to you, like frauds, credit score, debts, etc.
  • MVR Check- If the candidate has applied for a driving job, check their motor vehicle records. Having a clean history of driving will save you from any liabilities later on. MVR check will reveal any outstanding tickets, license suspensions, etc., related to the applicant.
  • Education and Professional Background Check- If you have an opening for jobs that need experience or higher education qualifications, run this check on them. Even if the candidate is boosting these things with lies, this check will bring the truth out.
  • Fingerprint Check- Federal database carries copious amounts of criminal fingerprints, which contain all the information. Running this check will reveal if they are in the candidate is in the federal database.
  • E-Verify Check- This check confirms whether the candidate is eligible to work in America or not.