Assam Government jobs 2021

The most recent government job announcements from the State Government of Assam are accessible. Visit the Assam government’s official website to read the most recent recruiting notices. It currently has 4 active job alerts with 693 job openings in Assam. Also visit: Assam government job official site here State governments in India, like the national […]

Good reason child should attend kindergarten 

We must create an environment provided for the children to explore, improves their wellbeing, encourage them to learn, strongly develop the skills. Children who expose kindergarten are independent and confident and they will be more comfortable when it comes to primary education of the children. They learn about safety, be smarter and they may acquire […]

File Commander – Best Android File Explorer

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where all your files are disorganised, and you cannot even locate them, and it affects all your work, and you feel like your whole life is a mess? Well, I for one have definitely been there. Working as a student or working in a company or even […]

Background Screening – Need and Types

Consider a production plant. You are making something in your plant to sell and earn profit. To make the product, you need raw materials. A single raw material of lower quality can bring down the overall quality of the product. This same principle is also applicable to hiring the workforce. Even if one of the […]

Free Trade Zones and Supply Chain Management

What are Free Trade Zones A free trade zone (FTZ), also known as a foreign trade zone or export processing zone (EPZ), is a geographic area in a country in which some normal trade barriers such as tariffs and quotas are eliminated and bureaucratic requirements are lowered in hopes of attracting new business and foreign […]