Traditional PR vs Digital PR

  With the rise of the internet, some people claim traditional media activities are now irrelevant. While maximising positive social media and online media coverage is important, the experts at Adoni Media say traditional media coverage can carry greater credibility. Digital and traditional PR must now be used simultaneously, and effective Public Relations professionals know […]

Effective Ways to Enhance the Girl Child Education

In general, education is considered as the major key factor for everyone’s life. The people have to know about the importance and awareness of the girl child education. Still, most of the parents are not ready to send their female children’s to primary schools. A lot of goodness has been included in the education for […]

Planning to Study in the UK? Read On

  The UK has long been known for its excellent education opportunities, from the world leading Oxford University to the famous St Martins College of Art there are opportunities for everyone to study in the UK and receive an internationally recognised degree upon successful completion of the course. If you are coming from overseas to […]