5 Great Options for Student Accommodation in Australia

Congratulations, you’re one step closer to your dream of graduating to an Australian university. After months of planning and preparations, you’ve finally got a letter of offer to one university you’ve applied for. The next thing to do is to find a place to call home. It’s no secret that the country’s cost of living is relatively high but that does not mean you will have to shell out a bomb. There’s a large range of accommodation types and options available to international students in Australia. There will surely be an option well-suited to every personality and target budget.

Availability and cost 

In Australia, such factors are greatly dependent on the type of accommodation an international student preferred. It also varies between states and territories as well between metropolitan and regional areas. To give you an idea, on-campus accommodation is very popular thus requires students to apply for a room in advance before arrival. It is important to communicate directly to your institution’s accommodation service to asks the availability and the costs involved so everything is organized when you arrive. We’ve listed some great options for student accommodation to avoid any confusion prior to your arrival.

Boarding school

The majority of the private secondary schools here offer the international student fully catered boarding options which include meals, cleaning, and laundry services. Normally, boarding school accommodation fees range from AUD$11,000 to $22,000 per year. Such figures may also cover academic tutoring and social activities however tuition fees are not yet included. With regards to the room, it depends on the school which may be shared or private.

University Accommodation

There are three types of university accommodations namely residential colleges, halls of residence and student apartments wherein prices vary between institutions. It is suggested to contact the institution in advance if you’re interested to get the full details and to process it easily. To give you a rough estimate, on-campus accommodations cost ranges from AUD$80 to $250 per week.

  • Residential colleges

This type of university accommodation provides meals, cleaning and a wide range of support services either for social or academic if the student needs it. With that, the cost of this is more expensive if you were to compare it with the other accommodation. The majority offers private rooms inclusive of shared bathrooms, dining halls, and even recreation areas.

  • Halls of residence

Its offerings are almost similar to residential colleges but with fewer facilities and services.

  • Student Apartments

Some institutions also offer apartment rentals that are either close to or on-campus. This is becoming popular with students who are in the later years of their degrees. The options available are single or shared apartments. This is one of the best platforms to teach students how to be independent.


This type of accommodation involves an international student living with an Australian family in their home, one of the best ways to fully integrate themselves into the actual Australian life. Normally, secondary and those students who are studying a short-term English course choose homestay. Single or shared rooms are generally available and the costs range from AUD$235 to $325 per week which varies according to the type of room chosen. The given figures include meals although self-catered homestay is also existing. You can ask your institution for a list of register of approved and reputable homestay providers.

Private Rental 

This option allows the student to have more freedom. They can either rent a property by themselves or share the cost with some housemates. Rental properties are rarely furnished, with that, students need to provide some of the necessary furniture and equipment. Also, there’s a need to settle the security payment called a bond which is usually a month’s rent. Aside from that, additional expenses include bills for electricity and utilities. To give you a rough estimate, the rental accommodation ranges from AUD$165 to $440 per week while shared rental accommodation costs around AUD$85 to $215 per week.

Hostels and guesthouses

This is equivalent to a temporary accommodation which ranges from AUD$90 to $150 per week. It tends to be cheaper if you were to compare it with the on-campus accommodation. It usually offers private rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Yes, residents are allowed to cook for themselves. Besides, it provides opportunities for social interaction.