Do You Need Insurance for Your Dog?

Betty was heartbroken. Her dog, Rowdy, needed surgery, but she could not afford it. She wanted to kick herself for not buying pet insurance. Now, her dog needed a surgery that she could not pay. She was certain that her healthy and spunky terrier would always be happy and active. She had not anticipated that […]

Choosing the Best Floristry Course in London

Floristry is a very rewarding career, offering the creative freedom to produce an array of beautiful flower arrangements for different occasions. Not only that, it has the potential to be financially rewarding, with the UK floristry industry worth an estimated £1 billion. Anyone looking to learn the various aspects of floristry have more options than […]

Why Use Wireless Presentation Solutions Like Vivi Classroom Tech System

Wireless learning presentations are helping personalize learning. The emergence of pedagogical theories and visual dialogue systems personalized to streamline the connection between a student and teacher are making learning more interesting and engaging.  Tech-rich and performance-oriented systems like ViVi’s Classroom technology integrate advanced screen mirroring with video streaming and other smart features that are easily […]